Our way of life

Avako was founded by passionate and highly skilled people, who share the same passion for innovation and excellence. Our working environment is collegial, fun and exciting. In our offices there is a non-hierarchical structure with little emphasis on titles. No “open door” policy is in place, there is just no door.

We love our firm, we lean on each other, and above all, we enjoy working together: Intellect over tenure. We are uniquely positioned to drive performance management solutions for our clients around the globe. The Avako way is to work in Team with mutual Trust, in order to provide a lifestyle of Tomorrow for our clients and our team members.


Meet our team


“Our team is an extraordinary group of professionals, who share the same vision and passion for Africa, and data oriented solutions”




  • Lolyta NGO BAYEMI


    Lolyta's mission in life is to create sustainable solutions. She plays a key role in the Avako's operational team.

    Prior to Avako, Lolyta worked as a financial auditor, leading teams working to implement audit strategies and improve clients’ organizational structures. She also worked as a risk management officer, in charge of developing a tool to index, qualify and quantify incidents used to determine the Tier One Capital for leading European banks.

    Born and raised in Cameroon, Lolyta (and not Lolita) graduated from HEC PARIS and the Catholic University of Central Africa. She is passionate about travelling the world and discovering all the gems it has to offer.

  • Titchinmin Karidjatou KONE


    Titchinmin has a Master's degree in Statistics & Economics from ENSEA, Cote d’Ivoire’s Graduate School of Statistics and Economics. She brings the Avako team her strong technical skills, which she developed while developing and managing polls to measure opinions on transportation solutions in capital city Abidjan for a leading Ivorian communications agency in Cote d’Ivoire.

    She’s developed an expertise on Western African financial markets, including through her experience at the West African Central Bank.

    When she is not running a statistical analysis, Titchinmin loves cooking, swimming and gardening – all plants in our office owe her their health and beauty!

  • Bendjin KPEGLO

    Founder and CEO

    A statistician and Actuary, musician and avid entrepreneur.

    With over 10 years’ experience working in Statistics, Actuarial Science and Finance with the most leading firms (Ersnt & Young in Paris, Towers Perrin Tillinghast in London , International Finance Corporation in Dakar, Leapfrog Investments in Lagos, etc.), he leads the strategic development of Avako and champions our team’s individual and collective happiness by living to his favorite motto: "Don’t think out of the box. There is no box".

    Born and raised in Togo, Bendjin graduated from several top universities around the world ) including Wharton MBA, ESSEC Business School in Paris and ENSEA in Abidjan.

    Bendjin is the Founder and Chairman of EHA Music School: with more than 100 students it is the biggest private music school in Senegal.

  • Eric KONE

    Partner and COO

    Eric is a data expert focused on transforming data into real life solutions. He is a Partner in charge of Avako's Operations.

    A confirmed data scientist, Eric was Head of Data Science at Meetic, the European leading online dating services company, where he was in charge of matching algorithms, fraud bots algorithms, business analysis and monitoring key indicators forecasts. Prior to Meetic Eric was a marketing research consultant, focusing on quantitative studies and polls. His extensive experience as a data expert and statistician was appreciated by his many clients, which included L’Oréal, Coca-Cola, and Colgate Palmolive, among others.

    Eric holds a Master's degree in Statistics & Economics from ENSEA, Cote d’Ivoire’s Graduate School of Statistics and Economics.

    He is both Ivorian and French, and is extremely passionate about robotics.

  • Fatou Bintou MBAYE KONATE

    Partner & CFO

    Bintou is the Avako's partner in charge of financial and administrative matters.

    Before joining Avako, she spent several years developing her strong audit and financial management experience both in Europe, where she worked for Ernst & Young Paris and the French Administration, and more recently in Africa, where she headed the Internal Audit, Treasury and Consolidation Department at major Senegalese firms. She is also the founder of an accounting consultancy firm.

    Born and raised in Senegal, she graduated from a top engineering school in France.



    Yaya has a Master's degree from ENSEA, Cote d’Ivoire’s Graduate School of Statistics and Economics.

    He has led a study regarding the impact of the fiscal policy on the Ivorian economy, for the Government of Cote d’Ivoire. He has strong statistical skills acquired through his education and various internships. He got a statistical experience on data analysis at the Applied Micro and Macro Economics Research Center (CERMMA) of ENSEA.

    Yaya enjoys playing soccer and was once drafted into the Cote d'Ivoire junior national team.

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