Where we come from

“Data is Africa’s most valuable commodity”


Africa holds vast opportunities for economic development. The continent is viewed today as the “final frontier” for the global economy, thus offering a tremendous potential for businesses.

African companies and decision-makers face many challenges including lack of key information and analytical studies that provide insights into consumers’ behavior, and would help them make critical business decisions.

“Data is Africa’s most valuable commodity”: From a recent Financial Times article, pointing to the fact that lack of accessible and reliable data is the chief obstacle to decision-making process in Sub Saharan Africa.

Simple questions such as: How many Iphones were sold in Senegal in 2013? What is the wait time at the Port of Lagos? How many people watch RTI (public broadcast in Cote d’Ivoire) on Saturday evenings? Are people in Togo afraid of Ebola? cannot be answered properly.

Advertizing strategy is blind designed, as there is no reliable data enabling to know who and how many people are reached by the advertisements. This is where we come in!!!

At Avako we believe that this lack of information is an opportunity: the one who finds the way to collect accurately these information, owns the market and will provide incredible added value to businesses.

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