Our mission

Revolutionize decision making process by providing the world with reliable data related to Africa, and exceptional analytics.

Avako was created to provide business leaders with the most comprehensive understanding of their markets, helping them access reliable market data, and tailoring studies and analyses that meet their specific needs.
The consumers’ behavior is changing constantly with new media communication tools transforming the world. The development and vulgarization of the mobile phone technology have indeed fundamentally reshaped African economies, creating a new way to engage in business. We intend to build our business model on that technology which has filled the gap in informal markets, while striving to maintain traditional ways of gathering information for sensitive data such as political polls or for population who are grounded in an oral culture of communication.
Avako is focused on innovative solutions to stay ahead of evolving market trends, allowing us to provide our clients with usable, practical and meaningful information that help them make strategic business decisions for today and tomorrow.Our technical expertises, our deep industry knowledge, in addition to our local experience, allow us to bring fresh perspectives, creative thinking and Africa-oriented solutions for our clients. Avako will be a data center for information related to people, and to businesses (including for the informal sector where no data is currently available). So, Avako’s overarching mission is to revolutionize decision making process by providing the world with reliable data related to Africa, and exceptional analytics.



Our Vision

Become the main provider of reliable data in Sub-Saharan Africa.

We challenge current and conventional thinking with our innovative design of data collection, data processing and decision-making process well-adapted to Sub-Saharan Africa. We will maintain a focus on gathering and analyzing information from the informal sector which definitely remains the big issue. Committed professionals that we are, we strive to build trusting long-term partnerships with all stakeholders.



Our Values

Excellence, Passion, Integrity and Trust are our values.

In our offices, we promote Excellence. Each member of Avako is encouraged to a constant effort to create new ways of doing things. We develop best-in-class solutions for our clients no matter what it takes: we put ourselves in our clients’ shoes. Passion is at the heart of our daily work. We overcome all limits with a voracious appetite for surpassing ourselves to build the world of Tomorrow. Integrity is the cornerstone of our company. It means that we maintain the highest standards for our clients and beyond. We value Trust and mutual respect and we strive to deserve it in all our relationships with our stakeholders.



Our daily work

Collect data to provide best analytics tools with best and tailored methods is our job.

Avako was founded by well-educated and experienced African entrepreneurs, with a passion for anything remotely connected to data and information management. We all have a strong dedication to developing data culture and awareness in Sub Saharan Africa. Avako Headquarters and main office are in Dakar, Senegal, with operational offices in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire. Three business segments are at the center of our daily job:
1. Data: we collect, we stock and we analyze them.
2. Analytics: we provide the best analytics tools for our clients.
3. Quant: we use the best and tailored methods for our analysis.
Our service approach is based on long-term partnership and aimed at developing integrated growth-oriented solutions to our clients’ business problems. Every advisory project is treated as “mission-critical” and given senior level attention.


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