Avako Insights

We convert Data into Business Decisions

We help our clients to measure the impact of their marketing strategy on the top line in Africa. Our market analysis will provide value-add to clients through the understanding of the relevant information hidden in the data, and how to convert it in revenues. Statistically, Avako is able to conduct the analysis of any kind of market study, based on data collected by Avako (or the client itself or an external party).

It is one of our methods which permit quick decision-making poll that enables clients (corporates, institutions, public/social organizations, political organizations, etc.) to quickly assess opinion of a target group on a specific topic.

Our reputation analysis helps companies monitor key stakeholders’ perceptions to navigate the environments in which they operate. We identify reputational red flags and market shifts (before they happen) that could affect company’s success.

Avako’s solutions measure the real effectiveness of the communication campaign: who it reaches, what they understand, how they react. In this way, we allow our clients to maximize the effectiveness of each campaign, tailor it on spot.

The segmentation will permit to subdivide the sample in some different homogeneous groups. Our segmentation help our clients to reduce theirs marketing cost and provide value-add to clients through the understanding of the relevant information hidden in the data for each group.

Our Tools

Avako Flux

Avako Flux is an automated tool that allows to quickly learn how many people pass by a communication panel, watch it, and for how long. The tool can identify differences amongst gender and age groups, detect time trends, and if necessary adjust the image on the communication panel. It is helpful for companies who wish to model the traffic in their offices (Banks, Telecoms, etc.) in order to adjust staff and security accordingly. Avako Flux can also be used for the detection and counting of cars on a road, or any kind of traffic (or audience) measurement

Avako Scoring

Customer analytics tool that help to segment and target valuable customers. This tool is based on statistical and behavioral models, and is useful for banks for credit assessment purposes, as well as for other companies (telecoms, hotels, airlines, etc.) who wish to enhance their customer loyalty and retention programs towards more valuable clients.

Avako Mix

It is our data-based tool that model all key drivers to help clients optimize their marketing mix strategy. The model is able to provide estimated sales for a marketing mix scenario including assumptions on price, distribution, communication, product characteristics, promotion, etc.

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